Herd Sires

HWK 814 Ozzie 279Z

An extra long sire from one of the best cows in the breed. When she first calves her udder is so perfect that the calf will nurse all four quarters. 279 was used several years on heifers and now as a clean up sire. We have used several sons.


HWK 814 Ozzie 259Z

His mother has been extra productive. Udder as good as they get and she is an old cow. We will have a lot of calves coming from him in 2017. Disposition is a big plus in this family.

F 105 Rest Easy 372

This is a Feddes raised sire that is one of the most observant bulls I have ever seen. He is a grandson of 3027 and mother is a terrific cow. He is easy fleshing and the kindest bull we own. Will have a lot of calves in 2017.


HWK 039 Felton 315A

Bull we raised from my favorite cow. She is a 3027 and has the credentials to be a donor cow. 315 has been used on heifers all three years and will be moved onto cows from now on. He is most people's favorite when they see our sires. Loaded with muscle, red pigment and a good calving ease line. Has super bulls like 10H and 3027 behind him.

Genetic 137Y Britisher 1206

1206 is a bull we have added from Ace Diemert's herd. He is sired by one of the greatest bulls for longevity ever, 137Y. Udders and fertility will be his strong traits. We have four sons by 1206's mother. Ace told me she was his best uddered cow. We are getting a grandson this spring as well. We have used 1206 on 3027 and 242 daughters.


HWK 148 Domino 479B

He is a double bred 3027 from the same cow family as 259. He is a very easy fleshing and sound bull with extra dark thick hair and a very super quiet disposition. He is polled and we will have many calves born in 2018.


1511 is from Ace Diemert's herd. He has the same mother as 1206.  He is a phenomenal bull with outstanding correct legs and feet and extremely fertile, breeding every one of his females in 2017 with zero dries. First calves will be born in 2018.



UPS Domino 3027

UPS Domino 3027 is an AI bull raised by Upstream Ranch that we have used on our yearling heifers and he is an absolute calving ease bull. Daughters have the nicest udders imaginable. He will also reduce mature size and increase fleshing ability. Many of his sons are being used across the nation in other registered herds. He will increase pigment as well.


Other herd bulls:
Genetic 712 Lad 0928
Genetic 2U Britisher 1433
Genetic 137 Britisher 0827
F Sleep Deep 323