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Hawks Herefords Complete & Total Dispersal
September 20, 2018
Faith Livestock Auction, Faith, SD

Complete Dispersion Sale Catalog

Selling 617 Head

Our ranch is located in western South Dakota 75 miles east of Sturgis on Highway 34, approximately four miles west of the 73-34 junction (Howes Corner).

We run our cattle quite simply and in a harsh climate; that, in turn, makes them adaptable to almost any area. We start protein supplementing near the end of November and usually do not put out any hay until we start calving the middle of March. We do not select for any extremes; however, longevity, disposition and calving ease run close. The bulls are mostly sold when they near twenty months of age. We don’t focus on big weaning weights or yearling weights, mainly because it can become just a racing game with other breeders, and in the end, not making better cattle. In the past two calving seasons on our heifers, we had 132 head with only one assist and it was a backwards calf that survived. We do not run around with a vaccine gun in one hand and a bottle of pills in the other. We firmly believe a lot of cattle health issues can be corrected by the idea of survival of the fittest.

In the year 2000 we started adding some polled breeding through artificial insemination. Half of our herd bulls originate from those matings and we purchase the others. Currently, we have sires from Feddes Herefords, Jack and Bev Beeson and Ace Diemert.

I can still remember when the first registered Hereford came to the ranch. Dad got the opportunity to replace his commercial cows with registered Herefords when a man lost his leg in a combine accident and could no longer take care of them. I was five that summer and when those beautiful horned Hereford cows came off the truck ever so slowly, I was impressed to say the least. Each cow had her own number branded in the horn that had been painted over with red enamel paint to make it stand out. That was a splendid idea for 1958! I can picture it like yesterday. In 1974, we added some land and purchased two loads of cows from Robert Meeks, Dalhart, TX, and have been running over two hundred head since.

The ranch has been in business for 59 years, 45 of those being production sales at a sale barn. We have now progressed to selling private treaty throughout the year and welcome all visitors. One of the advantages of buying a bull from Hawks Herefords is you will definitely receive a batch of “Chalk’s Famous Homemade Fudge” for Christmas!

We look forward to showing our sale bulls and visiting with you in the future. If you have any questions about our operation or our offering, please call us anytime at 605-985-5300 or Kyle Scott's cell number 605-515-0314. You can also email us at ehawks@goldenwest.net.

Gloria Hawks